We act as Fractional CTO to provide innovative business strategies and cutting-edge technologies to tech startups and small and medium size businesses in Québec and North America.

Fractional CTO

We work with customer on a part-time, fractional, basis.

We bring a wealth of experience, innovative business strategies, and effective tech leadership

A fractional CTO is best for organizations without the workload to justify a full-time executive. Startups, small and medium businesses are great fit.

Role of a CTO during a project

Jean-Christophe Roux

Areas of expertise

Front End: data-driven websites and mobile applications with smart, purposeful user experience

Backend: API development, integration of third-party APIs. Real-time system. Data lakes. Solutions engaging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Cloud computing.

Team organization: Agile methodologies, coaching of executives and team members.

Business plan, sales pitch, shareholder and third-party relationships, webinar, trainings.

Blockchain applications outside crypto currencies


Technology Assessment, startup technology evaluation

Examples of packages: scope, deliverables, and commitment

Holistic CTO for small business

Align tech strategy with business goals. Technology orchestration. Investors relationship. Analysis of Cloud costs.

6-month package at 8 hours/week + concierge

Hands-on CTO for growing business

Align tech strategy with business goals. Technology orchestration. Sales and investors relationship. Architecture of, project management, coding or development management.

12-month package at 20 hours/week + concierge

Coach star employee into CTO role

Day-to-day coaching on decision making, people management, CEO relationships

10 hours/week + concierge for 4 months.


Jean-Christophe Roux

Jean-Christophe Roux